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Memorial Programs

Tree Memorials

Twenty six Memorial Trees have been planted along the new southern cemetery roadway and are now available for Individual Memorial Tributes. 

This is a unique way to remember a loved one while contributing to the overall beauty of the cemetery.

Tree Memorial with Bronze Plaque & Granite Base

$ 1270

Bronze Plaque ( Scattering Garden 9" x 5" )


HST will be added to all prices


Perennial Memorial Garden

In a continuing effort to ad colour and beauty at our cemetery, the  Perennial Memorial Garden is located in the center of Section T.  This garden will add continuous colour to the area from Spring until Fall.  Some plantings of ornamental grasses will add enhancement even through Winter.

We would like to give families and friends the opportunity to memorialize a loved one through these perennial plantings.  With a minimum donation of $50.00 made towards the garden, a 3"x4" plaque, mounted on a stand would be placed in amongst the flowers.

The plaque would read "Planted in memory of ................... "

Application donation forms are available in our office or you may call and request an application form to be mailed to you.

Further information may be obtained by calling the cemetery at 905-655-3493 or visiting the cemetery office between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Monday - Friday).


Garden Urn Memorial Program
In a continuing effort to enhance the beauty and uniformity at the cemetery, the Groveside Cemetery Board are introducing the Garden Urn Memorial Program.

Visiting loved ones at Groveside may not always be possible.  This Memorial Program is an opportunity to have a colourful display, cared for by cemetery staff, during the summer months.

The program will offer a decorative clay urn, available in two sizes, filled with annual flowers.  Samples of the urns will be on display at the cemetery office.

A small memorial plaque, attached to a metal stand, will also be placed in the urn.  The urn and plaque will be stored indoors, during the winter months.

The Groveside Cemetery Board will retain ownership of the urns and any which become damaged, broken, or unsightly, will be replaced.      


Prices available from the Cemetery office for the Garden Urn Memorial, Perennial Memorial Garden & Memorial Bench Programs

For more information, please call:  905 655-3493


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