Groveside Cemetery



Founded in 1874, Groveside Cemetery originated on five-acres of land in what is now known as the Town of Whitby. In 1930, the cemetery doubled in size and shortly after the expansion, ownership of the site was assumed by the Town of Whitby. Today, Groveside Cemetery has twenty-six acres of available land, fourteen acres of which is developed and in use.


Nestled in the heart of Durham Region you’ll find all twenty-six acres of Groveside Cemetery just off of Highway #12, located at 5155 Baldwin Street South in Whitby, Ontario. Please feel free to stop in for a visit, or call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Groveside Cemetery Board

The Groveside Cemetery Board oversees the management of twenty-six acres of land (fourteen acres of which is active and in use by the cemetery). The Board is also responsible for supporting three other cemeteries located in Whitby and Brooklin including the Pioneer Baptist Cemetery, the Myrtle Cemetery, the Hubbell Cemetery and the Hemingway Gravestone, a monument to early settlers in the area.

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