Your loved ones’ Final Resting Place will be well cared for with the utmost Respect and Dignity.

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Join Us for the Annual Decoration Day Service Sunday, June 11th at 2:30 pm.

About Groveside

The first burial to take place in Groveside was that of the late Mrs. Nancy Holt in the spring of 1874. Since then, Groveside has become the final resting place for many Whitby residents and their families.

Whether it be cremation burial in our Garden of the Four Seasons or traditional casket interment, you can be well assured that your loved ones’ final resting place will be well cared for with the utmost respect and dignity.

Cemetery Features

Groveside Cemetery’s picturesque tree-lined roadways, with many distinct species, encompass fifteen acres of beautifully maintained cemetery grounds full of flower gardens, accessible walkways and well-shaded rest areas.

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