Cremation Burial

What is A Cremation Burial?

A cremation burial involves the underground interment of cremated remains in a plot of land (grave). Before a burial, ashes are placed in an urn and cemetery staff prepare the lot and carry out all necessary work after the burial.

Groveside Cemetery’s picturesque tree-lined roadways, with many distinct species, encompass fourteen acres of beautifully maintained cemetery grounds, providing a permanent resting place for your loved one in a gravesite.

What is A Columbarium?

A columbarium (or columbaria) is a respectful place to keep a loved one’s ashes. Typically constructed in the form of a wall, room or small building, columbaria offer a dedicated space for visitors to pay their respects at the cemetery. There are many beautiful and customizable columbarium options available at Groveside Cemetery, some of which offer family members the opportunity to reserve niche space together in one location.


Columbarium “L”

Spring — Columbaria Walk-In
  • Niche Inscription – $1,160
Summer — Columbaria "C" & "K"
$3,660 - $5,265
  • Internal Dimensions – 144 sq. in.
  • Niche Inscription – $1,295
Summer and Fall — Columbaria "L" & "H"
$3,660 - $4,610
  • Internal Dimensions – 144 sq. in.
  • Bronze Plaque – $1,300

Columbarium “N” & Cinerary Trees

Cinerary Tree
  • Internal Dimensions 220 sq. in.
  • Inscription – $1,105


Monument Lots & Columbarium “K”

3' x 3'
3' x 4' – Flat Monument
3' x 4' – Upright Monument
3' x 6' – Upright Monument


2' x 2' – Cremation Lot


Cremated remains
Scattering remains
Entombment of Cremated Remains in a Niche

Prices are available from the Cemetery Office for the Garden Urn Memorial, Perennial Memorial Garden & Memorial Bench Programs. Prices for other services may be obtained from the Cemetery Superintendent.

All pricing is subject to HST and to change, without notice. Visa, MasterCard, Interac e-Transfer and Debit accepted only at Cemetery Office.